Open last summer 2020, THE REBIRTH BEAUTY took place in a beautiful space at Josefines Gate 26.

Josefines Gate 26, Oslo
  • Built as a tenement over to and a half floor by and for architect and building inspector Christian Linthoe in 1879. Several members of sleeping Linthoe have lived in the house. The farm was purchased in 1952 by the Trampbrødrene as premises for the Travelers Club. The association, founded in January 1928, has since been based here.


It was natural for us to take care even more with our clients. The customer service is part of our values and we are now offering an additional service to our clients in partnership with a hair dresser, a manicurist and an esthetician.

David Mallet is one of the reason that bring us to the fact to personalize our service.

The Rebirth beauty, Josefines Gate 26 Oslo
David Mallet Haircare
Helene Spilling at the rebirth beauty

David Mallet at the Rebirth Beauty clinic….on the first floor at Josefines Gate
David Mallet

An original experience took place last year in September 2020 with a selection of niche cosmetic product. The inspiration was about making the client in another atmosphere that bring calm and warmness with many interior details.



A Haircare range that the store was looking for the clients. Many of our clients are travelling, or working in several places. The hair is a part of the look and it is a part of a personality. Taking care of your hair require great quality products and very practical to use in several occasions. That is why our decision was to sale exclusively David Mallet’s haircare products.

David Mallet Haircare

David Mallet’s skills bring us very close to the norwegian hair. His vision, his experience is closed to the clients at the store and we are very honored to get the range at the store.

He worked in collaborations with so many artists, actress and magazines…Below was a collaboration with the Magazine Numero in 2008 with the Norwegian model Siri Tollerød.

Mommie Dearest | Siri Tollerød by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello

Magazine: Numéro #97 (October 2008)
Title: Mommie Dearest
Photographers: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
Model: Siri Tollerød

DAVID MALLET PARIS : La Haute couture for Haircare products.

Combining absolute glamour with a distinct point of view on practicality and naturalness.

David Mallet : Le volume


Volume Powder
Gold dust
  • “She was the most beautiful creature on Earth – her hair said so in that language only hair can speak.” 
    ― Gabriel Bá, Daytripper


The very first hair and face mist combining the moisturizing benefits of cucumber and hyaluronic acid. Hydrates and revitalizes hair and complexion in all circumstances. Made with 97% ingredients of natural origin.

Fresh Eau de Concombre by David Mallet


The Hair Serum is immediately absorbed by the hair, protecting it from within and providing new vitality and silky brilliance.

Anya Taylor Joy from the Successfull Netflix series “The Queen´s Gambit using the David Mallett’s Hair Serum


DAVID MALLET has 3 salons, Two in Paris, one in a beautiful location at Notre dame des victories, another one at the Ritz Hotel place Vendôme in Paris. And the new one at The Webster in New York at Greene street.

David Mallet’s in Paris
– Notre dame des victoires.
– RItz Hotel.

Opened recently at The Webster, NYC

It is always a pleasure to let you discover the David Mallet haircare product at THE REBIRTH BEAUTY and Bring to our norwegian clients the David Mallet experience.

Photoshoot David Mallett Paris by Rabguy