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Jardin des tuileries, Paris Gabriella dressed in Aureliana


Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.

Audrey Hepburn
Aureliana dress with Model Ambassador Gabriela Iliscu

Through all items that we wish to have in the store, one brand was related to our vision for the Rebirth of the Princess concept. Our aim was to bring more elegance to a space through several styles and fabrics. It came to a point when traveling was pursue as an inspiration for the way that we wanted to present a standard of elegance at the store.

A flower essence…

Model: @gabrielailiescuofficial  
Photography: @camelliamenard  
Hair&Make-up: @marcia.dngl
Location : Paris, France


Aureliana is a fashion designer brand which creates fantastical fashion for modern-day heroines who need a wardrobe that enchants and empowers. She design not only clothes, but fantasies for modern women – her style is ethereal, yet strong, her other-worldly outfits and unique beauty can light up even the darkest room. Aureliana draws its inspiration from a mixture of literature, arts and fashion to create items that are both opulent and escapist, and bound to take you on a faraway land where all your fashion fantasies will come true. Because Aureliana turns your fashion dreams into reality.


Aureliana is committed to make beautifully crafted clothes. Tailors have years of experience in old sewing techniques. All details are best reflected in the hand-sewn and embroidered pieces, by using high quality fabrics produced in Italy, France and Great Britain.


Some clients seems to forget but when they passed by the store. They all make a wish to find the right dress for their event, or for their own moments. A wish is the first step to us to understand the desire to be the best presentation of yourself. We understood that it is your time at the store and your moment that you need to prepare. And this moment has to be made with style !

AURELIANA Collection, on the second floor at Rebirth of the Princess

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

What we like with the collection is that it bring to a client so much feminity, grace and elegance. The perfect item for several occasions as Weddings, Bal, ceremony or exclusive events. Aureliana is a bit of extravaganza at the right spot.



Mousseline, silk crepe…

The beautiful woven material with a flowing drape. So delicate Crepe Fabric, with its crinkled texture with a granular surface. Aureliana use a part of it in the collection. So inspiring for a romantic promenade in a lifetime.

Model Ambassador Gabriela Iliescu dressed in Aureliana with the Earrings Champagne by Rebirth of the princess
Location : Hotel LE MEURICE, Paris France
Aureliana Margot dress
Model Ambassador : Gabriela Iliescu
Location : Hotel Le Meurice Paris, France

The Margot Gown has a beautiful shade o light green olive and Golden Metallic Chantilly Lace details sewed by hand. The Gown can be modified with a cross-over at the bust area for a more restrained look.


Gabriela Iliescu wearing AURELIANA at Le Meurice Hotel Paris
Gabriela Iliescu Wearing AURELIANA at Le Meurice Paris

Inspired by the Black Swan the Odette Gown is a sensual and feminine mix of soft tulle, the finest Chantilly Lace and Swarovski Crystals. The Odette dress comes with micro fiber panties and can be made less transparent by adding multiple layers of tulle, at request, no additional charge.

Model : Hennie Heyerdahl Berg Earrings : Alexandre Vauthier Location : The rebirth of the Princess


“But when I fell in love with black, it contained all color. It wasn’t a negation of color. It was an acceptance. Because black encompasses all colors. Black is the most aristocratic color of all … You can be quiet, and it contains the whole thing.” – Louise Nevelson

Gabriela Iliescu Wearing the Embroided bustier gown

The perfect dress that can follow many different occasions on your journey. Either in the day time at an official event for a specific appearance ( Gabriela was attending to the Film Festival of Venezia ) or during the the evening for special event as a gala, a dinner or a elegant party. This is a model that could be wardrobe essential.

“Dark nights, bright days!” 
― Lailah Gifty Akita

Gabriela Iliescu Wearing the Embroidered Bustier gown from AURELIANA
Embroided bustier gown by Aureliana available on order at the store.

Exquisite French Embroidery on fine tulle for a precious gown. The embroidery is hand sewn on the bustier for a perfect decollete. The skirt has the same embroidery motifs as the bustier and can be worn with a black slip or a black lining, provided by request, no additional charge.

Swedish Tv Host Tilde de Paula wearing AURELIANA on stage fro TV4
Dress : Embroided Bustier Gown
Handbag : Noel S Aleksander Siradekian
Victoria dressed in AURELIANA with the Noel handbag from Aleksander Siradekian

Girl in Oslo….

Paola S D wearing a Aureliana Dress in Oslo.


A must have in the wardrobe ! The bustier can be an item that all client could have in a wardrobe. easy to combinate and so feminine and elegant. Proud to be able to provide this item in the store.

French embroidery lace bustier
The french embroidery bustier by Aureliana


Photoshoot of Gabriela Iliescu wearing Aureliana at the Meurice Hôtel in Paris, France

Play with the fabric in a elegant way. A seduction tool used by the Aureliana designer in a very elegant way. When Tull fabric meets a classic velour. Sensual and feminine in the same time. 2 items than can be mix or match with other items.

Velvet bustier top

A star of this collection, the Velvet Busiter Top is sensual and strong. Perfect for a evening out with Leather Pants or Jeans. For a cocktail party pair it with the Velvet Chiffon Midi Skirt.

Velvet chiffon midi skirt

This Midi Skirt has a high waist and follows the shape of the body with a slight flare. The Velvet Skirt is sliced with a silk-chiffon panel to give it a more sensual look. This skirt is both business and cocktail.

Gabriela wearing Aureliana
Gabriela wearing Aureliana
Gabriela wearing Aureliana at the Romanian Embassy in Paris, france


Bring a important part of the design history to reality !

Gabriela wearing Marie Antoinette’s Aureliana dress at Jardin des tuileries in Paris

This dress was inspired by Marie Antoinette Queen of France, a fashion icon of her time, the dress is made from pale blue tulle with Golden Metallic Solstiss Chantilly Lace.

Known for her extravagant gowns, sky-high hairdos and royal status, Marie-Antoinette is one of the most famous queens of France. Her fashion sense and personality continue to influence trends and inspire creatives. In Sofia Coppola’s film, for instance, Marie-Antoinette is depicted as a frivolous, naïve young girl, more interested in dresses, pastries and partying than engaging in political intrigue. This is one of the common representations of the queen: a foolish woman obsessed with her appearance and having fun. Yet, there is also another side to the historical figure: a rebellious, independent woman. Hated or admired, Marie-Antoinette has always sparked strong emotions, as did her eccentric way of dressing. Clothing can be a means to communicate and convey a statement; it is seldom as futile as it seems. Was Marie-Antoinette a selfish fashion victim – who told the starving people to eat brioche – or was her clothing a way for her to express her bold and free spirit? Read Paulette Magazine article

Mirror, mirror

Bianca Ingrosso dressed in Marie Antoinette dress from Aureliana

Bianca Ingrosso very well dressed


Probably the romantic piece from the collection. By the choice of the color and the fabric. How could we forgot a woman wearing that dress at an event. Be special for a special occasion !

Model and Ambassador Gabriela Iliescu wearing an Aureliana Dress at AMFAR Gala in Milan. Italy

This precious Tulle Gown is trimmed with embroidery and hand sewn Metallic Chantilly Lace in silver. Fit for a princess, the dress demands attention, so get ready to own the night in this sophisticated gown.

AMFAR gala in Italy with Aureliana ambassador Gabriela Iliescu
Photoshoot Aureliana Campaign
Model : Gabriela Iliescu
Dress : Silver Chantilly Lace tulle gown by Aureliana
Photograph : Oltin Dogaru

Creating beautiful stories

Silver Chantilly Lace tulle gown

Creating the perfect moment is the most interesting focus for us at the store. By receiving this item, we measure how important it is to have the right item, and always be close to our clients. This dress is so beautiful and so special when it is about creating stories to remember for our clients.

Silver Chantilly Lace gown by Aureliana
Model and Swedish Influencer : Kenza
Dress : Aureliana
New Campaign Alani by Kenza


Elegance and Romance is the right definition for this dress. A precious item for an elegant event, easy to combinate with the jewellery collection from Rebirth of the princess. Augusta is the real sign of distinction for a woman that is looking for the right style.

Model : Gabriela Iliescu
Dress : Augusta by Aureliana
Location : Paris, france

The Augusta Gown features a distinctive design, for a refined appearance with a neck pussy bow and a bias cut skirt. The Gown is made entirely of silk organza and comes with a slik satin slip-dress.

Ingeborg Heldal well dressed for the Grand Hotel in Oslo

True romance….

This dress is the closest in the collection that match different personalities. Below with Swedish artist Carolina Gynning.


The Ophelia Gown is made from nude tulle with Ricamificio Levi Haute Couture Embroidery Ivy Leaves hand sewn on the Aureliana Corset and Tulle full skirt. This dress is very romantic and brings a faitytale allure, it the definition of fashion fantasy.

Model & Ambassador : Gabriela Iliescu
Dress : Aureliana
Location : Le Meurice, Paris

A fairytale storie..

This is the item in the collection that fit perfectly a client that will assist a wedding or a very official event. A particular design that deserve to be discover at the REBIRTH OF THE PRINCESS.

Thanks to 𝐕|𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐒𝐔𝐋𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆  Vana Perisa…

This is not a choice, it is a duty !

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