The Hair Jewellery by Rebirth of the Princess was born by the fact that women were not able to find the balance in an outfit that they really wanted to personalize.

From a regular classic shirt to a exclusive outfit. It’s always nice to pay attention on the way to finalize a hair style or a make up.

The designer Vana Perisa wanted to be closer to the customers,  and that how she decided to create a unique jewellery piece that can give a new style for everyday’s women’s lives. Either for a business meeting, for a romantic date, for a party or for an official event. The hair jewellery have the desire to follow personalities.

“Wherever you are, you must shine.”
Lailah Gifty Akita,Beautiful Quotes

In several occasions, the satisfaction of answering to women’s desires make Rebirth of the Princess ( beside the concept) more motivate to create  something unique that can follow a woman’s journey.

Hair Jewellery by Rebirth of the Princess.

Hair headband : 3999 NOK

Hair jewellery 950 NOK

Three colors came to the first collection, all in Swarovski crystals :

Antique white : Just a pure and unique bright white color to give a little shiny touch to an outfit. all stones in white Swarovski crystals.

Champagne : The warmest color in the hair jewellery collection, it give to a silhouette a charm that few jewellery stones can give to a woman.

Mermaid song : The point of chic for a classic and chic outfit. Built on black and green Swarovski crystals.

Hair Jewellery : Champagne

Probably the item that make more stories about the Jewellery collection. “VERY WOMAN”.

Photographer : Baarde Lunde
Make up : Christine Soerby
Model/Founder/designer : Vana Perisa

Based on the same design that the hair Jewellery, the earrings are bringing to an outfit the final touch. From a business outfit to a dress for a gala. VERY WOMAN is a collection that reveal the woman nature, A blend of soul powerful stone entity ( Swarovski ) designed with an elegant accent. That how the designer wanted all women to look like with her collection. VERY WOMAN : “Being a powerful and charming woman“.

Earrings Antique White

Earrings VERY WOMAN : 2300NOK

One of our client from Ireland, Danielle Gingell wearing the VERY WOMAN in Champagne. So inspirational how she made her own look.

Wearing the earring to celebrate something special is feeling special and feeling unforgettable. A collection that come with three new colors : Royal, Emerald and Shades of grey.

Earrings Emerald
Handbag Noel Xs and S by Aleksander Siradekian

all new colors available at the store.

Elle Magazine Norway
American Tv Host Wendy Williams for Wendy Williams Show in NYC
Norwegian Influencer and entrepreneur Caroline Berg Eriksen Wearing VERY WOMAN in Champagne
Norwegian Influencer and entrepreneur Caroline Berg Eriksen
Norwegian Influencer and entrepreneur Caroline Berg Eriksen knows how to compose her own outfit and give it a little final touch with the earrings
TV program Panelet 15.02.2019 Best from tv program Bloggerne Tv2 bliss with Norwegian influencer Caroline Berg Eriksen

It is always a pleasure to see how our clients take part of making and creating their own outfits with the Jewellery collection. Like a fairy tail, or even a side story. Exclusivity can always be done with accessories.

Amanda Caroline Cronin at the Green Fashion Awards in Italy in 2018

“Put your money into accessories. You could create a million different looks”.


For a Romance in the daytime….

Living the time to enjoy an Arabian night….

Model : Caroline Labouchère Earrings : Champagne by Rebirth of the princess
Glamour Look
Model : Ameni Esseibi Earrings : Champagne by Rebirth of the princess

Glamour Look

The Natural light was so bright, just perfect to set up the mood for a glamour look.

For a exclusive event during the evening…

Tv Host, Model Fashion and Travel influencer from UK, Hofit Golan dressed by the designer Christophe Guillarmé and the VERY WOMAN Earrings in Champagne
Tv host, model, fashion and travel influencer Hofit Golan with the Model and Actress Patricia Gloria Contreras at the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée in Paris France
Hofit Golan at Cercle de l’union interallié in Paris, france
Dress : Christophe Guillarmé
Earring : VERY WOMAN “Champagne” by Rebirth of the princess

Now, What about you ? tell us the story that you wish to make with Rebirth of the princess….to be continued.

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