Another chapter, another location….BYGDØY ALLÉ 56c

The challenge was to go from one of the most popular coffee place in Bygdøy allé in Frogner to an exclusive place as the REBIRTH OF THE PRINCESS concept.

Bygdøy allé is a place in the westside of Oslo located in Frogner, a place where lifestyle, tradition and architecture is taking place. Surrounded by embassies, Bygdøy allé was the right place for our customers.

Bygdøy allé is a street at Frogner in Oslo that runs from Solli place to Sjølystveien at the exit to Bygdøy. It was built from 1890 and named the following year. The street is known for the large chestnut trees that adorn it, and especially the lower part also represents the rapid urban development that took place in Oslo until the construction crash in 1899, with lavish and fashionable four-storey courtyards. Later, a number of good examples of Art Nouveau buildings were built, including No. 47.

Stockfleths is a chain of coffee shops that have roots all the way back to 1895 and that have helped to characterize the new Norwegian coffee culture as people know it today here.

Bringing a touch of modernity to a traditional place was one of our wishes. The feminity became a leitmotiv and it was natural for the store to create this intimist atmosphere in the middle of Bygdøy allé. Nothing to be impress by Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris or the Mayfair district in London. The new concept took place in Oslo at Bygdøy allé 56 in September 2018.

A concept on two floors opened in September 2018.

Don´t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect !

Welcome to REBIRTH OF THE PRINCESS, a place where exclusivity is the main menu offer to our clients. This concept is not just a concept store, it is a lifestyle. A place when customer service seems as the pixie dust that every fairies spread over the heads to make our clients exclusive. That’s the way loves goes !

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